Hyperbaric Chamber Oxygen Mask


Hyperbaric Chamber Oxygen Mask 

The oxygen mask is composed by mask, joint, Y tee, sylphon bellows, suction valve, exhalation valve, oxygen corrugated pipe and hyperbaric chamber pipe joint. The mask has reasonable structural design, each joint of product is immobility, no leakage during usage. Products are non-toxic and sterile, for single use.


Comfortable to wear for patients, easy to operate for medical workers. It can effectively avoid cross infection, nosocomial infection. Applicable to oxygen therapy for patients in the hyperbaric chamber.

Applicable Scope

Suitable for high flow oxygen input; applicable to the gas poisoning and clinical oxygen hypoxia rescue of severe cerebrovascular patients.

Product Usage

Hyperbaric Chamber Department, Rehabilitation Department, Emergency Department


Large; Medium; Small

Certification: CE/ISO13485